Who we are

AFI is a non profit organisation with a clear focus to maximise the collective efforts, skills, intellectual capacity of all African youth’s and to explore insight programme in the development of the continent.

Our Objectives

1. To foster our collective  values,  beliefs  and continual existence  as a people.
2. To Promote the skills,  aspiration and dreams of all African youth.
3. To serve as a  bridge in restoring the lost heritage of Africa, in making sure Africa rise in the community of nations
4. To ensure our natural, intellectual and vocational resources is harnessed  optimally to better lives
5. To ensure we defend the dignity,  identity and integrity of Africa
6. To see Africa becomes a continent of hope
7.To generate funds in the restructure of Africa infrastructure, educating and promote sustainable economic growth system.
8. Enhancing the knowledge of good governance practices from the grassroots.
9. To instill good governance practices among all African youth’s